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Salivary Gland Surgery

Saliva is important for moistening and digesting food, and protects the oral tissues and teeth.

Three main pairs of salivary glands produce saliva (major glands) :

  • Parotid Glands - located in front and below your ear
  • Submandibular Glands - located under the jaw line
  • Sublingual Glands - located under the tongue 

There are also a large number of minor salivary glands in the mouth including the lips and roof of the mouth. 

The most common disorders of salivary glands involve : 

Stones and Infection

  • Causes reduced salivary flow, pain and swelling
  • Treatment can range from rehydration and antibiotics, to minimally invasive endoscopic surgery or removal of the affected gland

Mucous cysts / Mucoceles

  • Often found in the lower lip following minor trauma to the area (e.g. biting the lip or a fall)
  • These lesions are often removed with minor surgery to remove the cyst and underlying affected minor salivary glands

Abnormal growths / Tumours

  • Can present as a lump in the neck or mouth
  • Investigation of these lumps involves imaging (e.g. ultrasound and MRI scans), and needle biopsies to obtain a diagnosis
  • Surgery is often preformed by a surgeon with specialist training. Treatment is performed under magnification to protect critical nerves that move and give sensation to the face, neck mouth, and tongue

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